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Say Anything about Westside Story and
their similarities to Romeo and Juliet
and we find that Americas Sweethearts
Love Actually when potholes are placed
in our paths by the montagues the
capulets and the Sylvia Plaths
Maybe I love this Iraqi girl and its
forbidden by the capitalists and
the baathists Or I love this African American
girl and its forbidden by the methodist episcipals
and the southern baptists Or that buddhist
chick tells us whats love got to do with it
but I love you more now that society
has screwed with it I just want to see What
Dreams May Come and If you’ll love me
like its the last time as I spit this rhythmically
over drums John and Paul Said money
Can’t Buy Me Love and Patrick Dempsey
is Enchanted by Meridith Grey’s Anatomy
but she’s got Daddy issues and she won’t
swim back after he has a moment but loses
and George loses both when he chooses
and so poems have fallen and its crime now
when Jack comes callin with his artistic nudes
and the dudes get more metro
and Juliet has an attitude
I wish this fairy tale was retro
if you really love something you let go.

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Twin Flames


BLUE TWIN FLAMES LOVER SOUL Pictures, Images and Photos

She knocked on the door to his house of pain to borrow a cup of intellect.
He led her in became her friend then showed her tomorrow in retrospect.
They spoke of love and dreams. They spoke of quantum physics, fear and hope
Cultural anthropology, etymology, math and all its digits, over beer and smokes.

Their thought vibrations for him put things in order, like quiet where noise was the only reality
In the silence he absorbed her and injected her with poetry, philosophy, and musicality.
Their energies separated from their bodies and merged above space and time.
She dissected his heart and his mind and found rabbit holes into his rhyme.

Somewhere in the twilight the poet became her lover. The poet became her prince.
Addictive love, higher than any other, soul ties that were a shock to the senses.
She put her consciousness in captain mode and saw the universe replaced.
He slowly removed her bible belt and total freedom she embraced.

Their passion was prayer and worship, angels sang as he drank her sacrifice.
Their love burned an ice blue like at the wedding of darkness and light.
Big Bang Evolution that these 2 gods created, cherished, embraced, celebrated.
Resonated. They gave birth to ecstatic souls and love was no longer isolated.

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She and I

So i parlay my whole inheritance
on my soul being the origin and the destination
I clean out my own dirt
and invite Eve back to dance naked in the garden.
She and I Dance to every drum.
She and I embrace every flower in the flower shop.
We walk with God in the twilight
dance naked in the daylight.
She and I began as one
She and I are one
Even when she tests her wings
or dances with Steve we remain one.
Lilith visits from time to time also
we walk with God in the twilight
dance naked in the daylight
we put things back where they belong.
We do not follow or lead.
We cultivate our own garden
and plant our own seeds
We absorb the garden and the garden absorbs us.
We eat all the seed bearing plants
are not ashamed of our nakedness.
We just created a new universe.
We learn from it because it was born perfect.
We work til we are tired.
Play til we are happy
we rest til we are restored.
We are asking to do all three at once.
We parlay and watch for the return.
She and I.

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There are moments in life
that fail to inspire
where you feel like you’re lost
out on the ocean
without expectation of tomorrow
All you can see is yesterday
you feel yourself sink
beneath the waves
and get tossed around
like randomness
like so many broken dreams
tossed aside unrealized
reality checks in
fantasy checks out
for a moment I quit
for a moment I didn’t swim
I wanted to be washed away
not see any tomorrow
not feel any loss
not dream of things
that might never come
I might have never moved
the waves could have carried me for miles
I felt my delusions atrophy
possibilities faded away
desire died
and I was fine with it
your face appeared in my mind
a smile that I wanted to be for me
nothing in me reacted or resisted
I just let every part of me
fade into you
I floated through eternity
through lifetimes with you
moments that remapped my dna
8 billion different realities
I could feel you touch me
I could feel your soul
and my soul
become one
the sand under my feet
brought me back
to right now
I stood
my head barely above the water
I walked up onto the beach
Your face burned in my mind
in my heart
your soul
is my soul
my soul
is your soul
I don’t feel alone

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Ulogy Of Universes

 Selina Surita

Universes are crashing down around me
I’ve learned to take the loss
and still believe that one may find its legs

Each time I think myself a better god
one who learns and apologizes
apologies dont matter at all to sages

I ask myself still if the failure is mine
or if like independent children
choices broke the mirrors of their own reflections

Whatever it is Abby wont sleep here tonight
she cant embrace the worst in me
now that she can see my humanity

I ask myself if we ever danced together
or did we dance with who we wanted each other to be
while trying to be who we wanted each other to see.

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Love Always Theory

she plays the scars on my heart
like a minimalist.
she makes words come
like a ventriloquist.
she raises whats dead in me
like an anointed one.
then invokes fear and reality
like a pointed gun.
as I see the impressions
ghosts have left.
love increases
and becomes more complex.
She is the wholeness
of my true existence.
I can physically feel
any spiritual distance.
and infinitely the odds
When she seeks counsel
from things I can’t see.
but everytime we
singers in our new universe
gain control and inflect
Yesterdays fears
sometimes silence the moment
Tomorrows dreams
once lied dormant

Awaken in rainbows
and in the space between
dark and light
I want to fall asleep with her
on my last night
and live to see
a million mornings

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